Sunday, September 23, 2012

Reboot: Epilogue

     I want to start this off by thanking all of you for joining me on this journey. I won't quite say it was your stalwart support that held my head above water, but it was definitely the threat of your collective tomato-throwing that shamed me into succeeding with this. You have read the horrors of the process, from side effects to insanity, and I either appreciate or pity you, I haven't decided.

     My plans for dinner this evening got screwed up twice. I was going to go to Sushi Thai,but they don't open until 5 on Sundays, so that plan drowned. Next, I was going to enjoy Sushi Nine instead, but rehearsal ran late, so our break was shortened and we wouldn't have time for a sit-down. Spence, I'm so sorry you got us a table just to have me cancel on you. Love you! Anyway, I defaulted to the closest and fastest place I could think of, which was the Beansprout. It's cheap chinese, but it ain't half bad. I got my hands on one of their shitty egg rolls and took a bite. In that moment, as I bit into that cheap egg roll, I saw the face of god.

     The beauty, the intricacies, the subtle love that went into that shitty, probably frozen egg roll poured into not only my body, but into the crevices of my spirit, filling the gaps left by the deep hurts in my life. It was transcendent. Hello, old friend. I went after the General Tso's next, and it was no less amazing. All in all, I was only able to eat about a cup and a half of food before I was stuffed. Mission accomplished. The reduction in my appetite is really amazing. Before, I could have beasted that entire combo without a second thought. Now, I can eat the egg roll, a couple pieces of chicken and a few bites of rice, and I couldn't touch another spoonful. Forkful. Chopstickful. Whatever.

     This was really all worth it. Now that I know how to do this, I'm going to juice at least a couple days a week for lunch at work, to try to keep my appetite down and stay healthy. As I write this, I'm enjoying the first beer I've had in a week, and while it's cheap shit, it's good to me right now. It's good to be back in the world. Looking at the Reboot forums, they say that doing it in your normal diet helps a lot, and you don't have the crazy side-effects. About once every 3 months, you should do what they call a long weekend, which is just a 3-day cleanse. Now that I'm mixing this into a normal diet, I hope to start exercising a little more, maybe improve my overall health in the long term.

     If any of you are down for this, feel free to hit me up, I'll be happy to give you tips. Really the forums are spectacular, you don't really need a lot of outside help, but the buddy system never hurt anyone. I have to say, I almost recommend it. You know the side effects, and now the payoff, so weight the benefits.

     Thanks for coming along on this with me, you lunatics. Why you continued reading is beyond me, truly. I might update this every now and then, when the mood strikes me. I'll keep you posted. Hopefully, if I do, it will contain a lot less about the details of my bowel movements. Not nothing, mind you, just less.

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