Thursday, September 20, 2012

Reboot: Day 5 Recap

     Another day down, and one closer to eating solid food again. Today was a tough one mentally, but not physically. It's getting harder and harder not to stare motherfuckers down just for bringing in something I want to eat.

     My appetite has dropped so low at this point that it is always a struggle to finish the juice. I had a pint glass for dinner and it was more than enough for the night. This is pretty awesome, and I'm pumped to see how little it will take to fill me up when this is over. I did the raw food cleanse a while back, and even that reduced what it took pretty significantly, so it will be an interesting experiment. This was one of the main reasons I started down this path, a way to enforce portion control without feeling like I was starving myself. I can honestly say I haven't felt really hungry, it's been more of a temptation issue.

     As my body adjusts, the cravings are getting stronger. No one had anything particularly appetizing for lunch today, but during rehearsal someone had something with onions in it, possibly a burrito, that smelled divine. I would have killed for a bite of it. I'm really glad I didn't actually see where it was, because I may have knocked that fucker out and taken that delicious food, whatever it was. I'm not really sure at this point if I'm just looking forward to food so much that everything smells good, or if I'm just sensitive to the smells because I haven't been cooking. Either way, I'd eat just about anything at this point.

     Again though, this one side effect remains. I drop the most heinous smelling bombs in the bathroom. Holy moses, we're talking paint peeling from the walls stuff here, like those finches they used to keep in turn of the century mines would be dropping like flies. They are of normal size and composition now, but wow. The horrors my digestive tract has created in the last 5 days really gives me an appreciation of how rough my guts could make my life. I'll be nice to you, innards, if you go back to normal after this.

     I think my first solid meal is going to be Sushi Thai. The service sucks, but the food is great and affordable, so it's the way to go. I have rehearsal that night, and it's right next to campus, so convenience is there too. All in all, it should be a good pick. I was going to try to do some epic meal at home, but rehearsal isn't going to let that happen. Such is life. Stay handsome!

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