Sunday, September 16, 2012

Reboot: Day 1 Recap

     So, Day 1 is at an end. Let's go through my day (because I'm a narcissist).

     I got up today and went straight to the farmer's market. This is probably the best decision I could have made. Not only am I buying the fruits and veggies I need, but I'm getting them crazy cheap and supporting local farmers. I stocked up on a lot of things I'm going to need regularly, like kale and tomatoes. It also gave me the chance to browse seasonal veggies that I rarely eat. Butternut squash and sweet potatoes were on my list for some of the fall-themed juices, so I got my hands on those. I also got mustard greens, which I didn't know existed until yesterday, a couple beets and some hot peppers. A lot of the recipes are spicy, which surprised me, but it sounded good to me, so I went for it.

     I mixed up dinner with the sweet potato, a beet, a cucumber and a butternut squash. I was feeling feisty, so I threw in a jalapeño for some heat. It smelled and looked like some kind of rue used to make pumpkin pie, and it turned out to be pretty damn good. I've had pumpkin lattes and whatnot before, so it was odd to have something so pumpkiny (yea, I use words that aren't real, write your own damn blog if you're so smart) served cold. The jalapeño really brought a lot of heat, probably because it juiced it seeds and all, but the squash and potato offset it nicely. All in all, I'm pleased with how it came out, and may make it again.

     Enough about how well this is going, let's get down to the complaints and side effects.

     I'm not feeling all that hungry, which is interesting to me. I thought I'd be starving, but it's a lot more like I feel like I should be eating, even though I don't feel hungry. I want to go eat because I feel like i haven't, even though I've gotten what I need to sustain myself. I think a lot of the mental game here is going to be breaking the habit of eating. Not feeling like a crazy person just yet, but get back with me in a few days and see if this turns into foodporn.

     An immediate side effect happened when I got to rehearsal tonight. I went to pee, and noticed immediately that my urine smelled like pumpkin, and not in the good way. I can only describe it, and I'm so sorry to put this into your mind, as "savory." It had an oddly meaty overtone to it, and it was overall rather unpleasant.

     Rehearsal also brought my first major temptation. LeGrande brought in mini cupcakes. They were either chocolate or Oreo with cream frosting. I happened to walk by as she was putting them out, and she offered them to me and walked out. So it's me and an unadulterated tray of cupcakes, alone in a room. I looked at them, and they looked right back. Of all the gin joints in all the world, you had to look delicious in mine. I won't make myself out to be a hero here, I wanted them. Out loud, I said "fuck you, cupcakes" and walked out. I seriously considered taking one and freeing it until next week, but I decided that would be kinda sad and weird, so I didn't.

     Lastly, I'm feeling a bit odd in my guts. Not sick or anything, but the feeling. The one that whispers into the corner of your subconscious a storm is coming. Dark clouds are gathering in my intestines, and I have a feeling that I am getting ready to take a dump so glorious and profound that it may change me. Whether it is for the better or the worse remains to be seen. All I know is that tomorrow, work is going to be very interesting.

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