Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reboot: Day 4 Recap

     I lucked out tonight and got cut from rehearsal early, so I can finally get this done at some time other than midnight.

     To be honest here everyone, I thought this wasn't going to go well at all. I assumed I was going to try this and fail miserably for everyone's amusement, stuffing my face with something in secret. Then I'd feel bad and fess up to it, then Kate would make fun of me because the elderly live on a liquid diet, and I'm too much of a puss to do it too. I learned a long time ago that people like to see me in any form of pain. I suffer in an entertaining way, and my painface is a riot, so I've learned to own it.

     Well I hate to disappoint you, but today went really well. I added a lot more fruit, as opposed to veggies, to my juice today, and it was awesome. It wasn't quite as filling as normal, but my appetite is so low that at this point, it's not 100% necessary to use starchier components. I also didn't consider murder during lunchtime at work, which was awesome. There are lots of reason to want to kill a lot of my coworkers, but their microwaved lunches aren't on the list. Funny, I thought my self control would wane, but it actually seems to be leveling off. I want real food from a taste perspective, sure, but not really from a desire to eat. The juice is good, don't get me wrong, but it's no masterpiece.

     There were a couple of trying moments. We got to talking about good local mexican food, and Chubby's Tacos is a convenient drive from my office. They have burritos the size of your head, and their spicy tinga is out of this world. I know how easy it would be to head over there, but I've gone too far to turn back now. But if someone walks into my office with one of those, my zen demeanor could all come crashing down in a tornado of om-nom and hatred.

     Enough about that, let's get down to the real reason we're all here.

     So I actually pooped like a normal human being today, other than the fact that it smelled like I ate the rotting carcass of a gazelle. My body appears to have finally made the switch it needed to in order to process the juice. Instead of firing liquid from my ass like a shametrain of broken dreams, I instead have begun to piss out my kidneys about an hour after I drink the juice. And yes, it does still smell in some way close to whatever I drank. Today's selection wasn't bad at all, but I'm moving back to more veggies tomorrow, so I'm sure we'll get back to a less pleasant scent soon. That's not to say that I enjoyed the smell today, mind you, I'm not R Kelly.

     That's all for me tonight. I can almost start to recommend this, but not yet, and not unless you have a lot of time on your hands and don't mind 2 days of hell. See you tomorrow!

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