Sunday, December 16, 2012

Reboot Long Weekend: Day 3

     Well everyone, this is it, the last day entry. To set this up a little, I actually started the Reboot on Friday night, my dinner that evening being juice, so lunch today was my last juice. It know it was a weird timetable, but it was 72 hours, so it's done.

     Spencer called me and asked me to help her move today. As you might recall from the last Reboot, I left her sitting at a table alone one of the last times we had dinner plans, so I was happy to help. Well thanks to the rain today, moving got cancelled. So we settled for going back to her place with her boyfriend Daniel and disassembling the furniture to make it easier to move later.

     Last time I helped someone move on the juice, I shat with such a vengeance that we could have used the stream as a missile defense system. No such luck this time. I even tried going for a jog this morning (by morning I mean 1 PM, but since I had just woken up, it's morning to me), but nothing happened. I again took a normal crap. I'm using the term 'normal' loosely here, as it was still so righteously smelly that I was asked to appear before a UN security council for crimes against humanity, but compositionally it was normal.

     I voiced my concern to Sara, and she said it might be because the last reboot was only a couple of months ago, and my body is still used to the idea of a liquid diet. She may be right, I'm not sure. I'm going to root around on the forums a bit more and see what people have experienced. Either way, nothing happened. An odd side note, my pee has become incredibly murky. It looks like I'm peeing an unfiltered wheat beer, all golden and cloudy.

     So, my first meal in 3 days was at Angier, North Carolina's crown jewel, the Mucho Mexico. And lemme tell you, there's a lot of Mexico in a place that serves margaritas by the pitcher. And it wasn't half bad. Thanks for coming along with me, here's a picture of a cat, because this is the internet. You've earned it.

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