Saturday, December 15, 2012

Reboot Long Weekend: Day 1

     Hello everyone! Once again the mob demands that I put to paper (or browser) my experience with the Reboot. For those of you who are new to this, and maychance haven't read my previous entries, I suggest that you take the time now to go ahead and look at those right now. Particularly the part where I tell you not to read it. Don't read this, it's terrible. It's full of memes and shit. Literally, I'm going to talk about my doodies. Like a lot.

     Welp, that's my warning, so anything you read after this point is on your conscience, not mine. I guess I should do a better job of setting this up. My buddy Randy had expressed interest in trying the Reboot on a smaller scale, after I had such a grand old time of it last go-round. So when I mentioned to him that I was looking to hit the reset button after the holidays, he said he was in. I may pepper in some of his commentary on how he's faring, as his pain will be fresh and peppy, while mine will be seasoned with experience. Now you're getting twice the suffering for the same low rate!

     Day 1 wasn't bad, it wasn't bad last time either. But I can feel things shifting, making preparations for what is about to happen. We made the juice, which came out pretty good. It wasn't until dinnertime today that I really started to feel hungry. That persisted into the evening, as I had to work late at the movie theater. I took a serious but otherwise normal crap while on break, and it already gave warning of tomorrow's tidings. I must now brace my innards for the stampede I will face tomorrow. I have resigned myself to this. Here we go again. Tune in tomorrow for the really juicy stuff!

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